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October 24, 6:24pm

I am half-pleased to report that most of today has been wasted in the comments section of Mother Jones as Deplorable College Boy. Got the name from fellow Commentor disqus_tu7SEHpgGp. Only Hillary is better at giving an oppo rallying cry with “Deplorables.” I put the two together and *magic,* “Deplorable College Boy.” Thanks HRC and disqus_tu7SEHpgGp! Perfect liberal collaboration.

One early comment was, “I am a college educated elite.” Most of the days comments were dedicated to the Mother Jones know-it-alls calling me on misuse of elite. I kept referring to the Dictionary, which clearly shows elite can be used in both the plural and singular. Naturally, very few were swayed by my uncouth wielding of “definitions,” as they called them.

I managed a minimum of impolite comments and retained a cheerful demeanor throughout. As might be expected, aside from endlessly being called out for my misuse of ‘elite,’ I was subjected to endless ad hominem attacks; then banned when they couldn’t take any more. I’m glowing.

Here’s one post I’m particularly proud of in reply to this comment from sparksfly

Very good, junior! Now go upstairs and ask mommy to fix you a hot pocket. Tell her all about how you’re flaming the libs.

If you mean, leave my job creating propaganda for liberal hipster dipshits down the street from the house that I own and travel 1400 miles to tell my mommy that I’m voting for Trump, I think I already explained, no can do.

You see, if I stood by my convictions publicly, the bully states of political correctness would make sure I never worked in this country again. Look at what’s happening to Thiel in Silicon Valley.

I’m a white male without an empire. I don’t have the luxury of being upfront with the fundamentalist left. Publicly declaring my beliefs would destroy my professional and personal life. That’s why it’s fundamentalism.

It’s fine to be oppo when W is in power. Who wouldn’t be? But oppo the direct descendant of his policies who happens to fly a Dem flag for Republican policies and is a woman to boot? There is no way to do it.

You call it cowardice. I call it intelligent survival in a world sold on domestic liberal ideology that enables the continuation of global war in the delusional pursuit of creating a permanent military empire.

I thought this comment has some valuable insights. Sadly, the ‘free speech’ moderators at Mother Jones seem more than willing to dispense with legitimate ideas when they challenge the orthodoxy of Hillary’s neocon candidacy.

Here’s the Reply I was posting when I found out I was banned, despite my upbeat, if slightly biting, presence in the den of political correctness:


Also notable is that this comment is overtly sexist. Being a Trump supporter is a slur. Clearly the writer www./ is intending to raise the bar on the slur by implying that I am a woman, despite the fact all my posts have an aggressively masculine tone. “Trumpette” seems to be the equivalent of calling me a ‘pussy,’ masking the misogyny in a Trump insult.

Everyone knows it’s OK to be racist and sexist if you’re a liberal.


Sugarhill Medina

NEW! Banned on October 24 by Mother Jones! Welcome to Inverse Analysis by Sugarhill Medina. Inverse analysis begins with conventional wisdom, assumes the opposite is true, and then uses logic to eliminate the parts of the inversion that are not true. What remains can sometimes approximate what is true and be used to guide future actions. I have been subjected to vicious personal attacks for my ideas (ad-hominem attacks being on of the great logical fallacies), therefore this site operates like Zero Hedge: All names are pseudonymous. External specs: Penis equipped white skin human living in United States. Fourteen years in major liberal cities. Child of liberal intelligentsia. I grew up reading comics in the New Yorker until I started reading the articles as a teenager. From a long lineage of liberals.

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