Facebook Comment I Deleted To Keeps Friends Believing I’ll Vote For Clinton

Facebook Comment I Deleted To Keeps Friends Believing I’ll Vote For Clinton

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Oct.23 – I am from a liberal family. I am an educated elite who attended one of the top liberal arts colleges in the US. (This is before they started screening applicants for divergent thought patterns.  I have slowly realized that to expose my true beliefs about Hillary Clinton will destroy my personal and professional life. I have now resolved to hide my politics from nearly everyone except my wife for the foreseeable future.

(And yes, Mother Jones comment section know-it-alls, “elite” can be used in the singular.)

The following is a Facebook comment I realized exposed what I truly believed politically, risking the possibility this post could provide evidence of possible Trump support. The post started as a push for a Hillary vote by a Facebook friend, then turned into a debate about how it is impossible for sexist and racist attacks to be perpetrated upon white males.

My real response is what follows. However at least 50% of whom are members of what I call “The Bully States of Political Correctness,” exposing my true thoughts on Facebook risked financial ruin; total alienation; and certain social exile and attacks. Therefore I immediately deleted it.

Here it is for you to read:

You and your elite pals impose the ideological belief system that it is impossible for any black person, regardless of their own views on the matter or where they live in the world, to be racist against me because I am white.

Yet this power you use to bring all non-white people to heal and accept your ideology emanates from the epicenter of white privilege: Western academia. Liberal fundamentalism operates under the authority, and with the blessing, of the most racist and sexist institutions of the world.

It’s like our poisoned food and the very expensive solution Big Pharma provides to take care of the cancer it gives you. It’s all part of the same system. The true solution cannot come from that source. The well is poisoned.

Any belief system that dispenses with logic when it it inconvenient is fundamentalism. From IS enslavement and execution of infidels, to the absolute idea you are trying to pedal that you know better than everyone in the world what is, and is not, racism.

Liberal fundamentalists are prop up the notion that people with pigment in their skin are incapable of racism; that people who own a vagina or identify as someone who has a vagina cannot be sexist. Under the liberal regime any ideological attack executed by these groups is excused as “social justice” or that the worst they could be accused of is “prejudice.”

That’s enabling sexism and racism.

If you can’t see how incredibly racist your precious logic-free thinking is, then you live inside the invisible cage that only fundamentalism can create. IS supports HRC because they see that her foreign policy is crippled by her liberal fundamentalism. That her judgment is blinded by her ideology.

Fundamentalists love each other’s company, because it’s no use being a fundamentalist if you don’t have an equally blind opponent clinging to their own fundamentalism to legitimately point to and say: “Look! They’re all fucking crazy!” The best way in the world to perpetuate fundamentalism is with fundamentalism.

Political correctness and liberal fundamentalism springs from the guilt-ridden boomer; the narcissistic, former hippies who feel bad for accepting Reagan’s stock market bribe and endless suburban blandness. PC is a salve for over-educated whites from the 60s who watched and assisted as the entire world was not-so-slowly sold into pure corporate slavery and have constructed, for their own benefit, this ridiculous consolation prize of fake reparations so they can go home to their vanilla white gated suburban community on a highway that cuts through and destroys a local black community and sleep better on 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets produced in an Guatemalan sweat shop.


Hunger Games’ Capitol City crowd is America’s PC elite.

Look no further than the audiences at every event held in Capitol City in “The Hunger Games.” They are perfectly “diverse,” and perfectly complicit in the oppression of the lower classes and use of warfare for domination over every other District.

Liberal fundamentalism, like every other fundamentalism, exists on false premises cooked up by white sell-out liberals to make themselves feel better about entirely abandoning the poor for every single one of the last 35 years: The Clintons are the poster children of the The Great Liberal Sell Out of the 90s. Every single particle of Clinton-matter is NAFTA Republican politics, neo-EVERYTHING to the core, with war at the very top and regular domestic PC diaper changes to keep the homeland power player babies happy just below that. Everything Clinton is pure Republican sell out.

But I digress: The PC ideology – like all lies – must be enforced by people like yourself who are committed to rationalizing its underlying flaws in order to keep the regime on life support. The truth, on the other hand, stands on its own with logic and reason on its side.


Sugarhill Medina

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