I Just Realized It’s Trump Who’s the Anti-War Candidate

I Just Realized It’s Trump Who’s the Anti-War Candidate

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October 14, America

I just walked by a house with one of those oversized, not very well designed, classic liberal yard signs. It was heavily weathered like it has been there for years. It said “Not in my name. War is not the answer.” It was directly in front of the porch living in a shadow.

At the top of the driveway, a brand spankin’ new blue “I’m with her. Hillary” sign was planted very recently. It is about 8″x10″

I think the house owner may have intentionally chosen the extremely tiny Hillary sign in hopes that it would, perhaps, reduce the massive cognitive dissonance she feels having those two signs up in front of her house. And that if one of those wishes comes true, there is an absolute certainty the other will not.

If you are an anti-war voter and you’re voting the two party system, I’m nearly certain Trump is your candidate.

  • As Secretary of State, Clinton instigated war at almost every opportunity. She is running on that record and has stated no intention of changing her course of pursuing war at every opportunity as president.
  • Clinton facilitated 3x as much arms sales to the Saudi regime compared to an equivalent period of Secretaries of State under the Bush II administration. Those weapons are being used by the Saudis right now to bomb civilians in Yemen, a massive human rights violation. Weapons compliments of Hillary Clinton, with massive donations to the Clinton Foundation by the Saudis. Additionally, ZeroHedge documents Hillary received 20% of her campaign funding from the Saudi Royal family, according to an interview with a Saudi prince.
  • If Clinton is elected, she will get shit done. And the shit she will get done will be war and global fracking. If Trump is elected he will be stalled at every turn. My thinking about a Trump presidency dovetails with some of the thinking behind my original support for Bernie: I’m fine with a president who gets less done – preferably a LOT less done. When 90% of what presidents are getting done is for the benefit of corporations and the military industrial complex, I want less crap to get accomplished in the White House. With Trump we get less. Less is more.
  • There is substantial evidence that ISIS has been armed directly or indirectly by US arms sales, much like the Taliban was armed by the US to battle the Soviet Union and became Al-Qaeda.
  • Trump has clearly stated he wants to minimize intervention in other countries.
  • The Obama/Clinton administration has a terrible relationship with Russia. Doomsday predictors say we are more likely to have war with Russia right now then at any point during the Cold War. Right now, Putin is recalling Russian citizens to Russia in preparation of conflict arising from Syria. In this video, Putin is speaking to journalists back in June very frankly about nuclear war and pleading with them to take his message of urgency back to their countries, where people have no idea of the emerging crisis.
  • Clinton and Obama have clearly failed to achieve a working relationship with China as well. Most recently, China snubbed Obama by having no formal welcome for him on the tarmac when Air Force one touched down for his visit. These key global players most likely dislike the Obama administration because Obama/Clinton are making a huge mess out of the Middle East, which is within a stone toss of Russia and the Balkans, and holds a massive amount of the world energy supply China needs to remain stable. Uncontrolled conflict in the Middle East is a recipe for World War.
  • Vladimir Putin is a dictator, but he is also inarguably one of the most brilliant global strategists in power. He is successfully running a country that occupies on of the most critical geopolitical positions in the world. Vladimir Putin does not want to take over the United States, and he does not want a war to break out between the United States and Russia. Putin wants Trump. Having Trump in office would improve our relationship with Russia, which is what we desperately need right now to maintain world peace and stability. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has weighed in is on the record stating nuclear war is more likely with Russia with Clinton as president, again, as a result of her mess in the Middle East.
  • The entire US government establishment is against Trump. Could there possibly be any better endorsement of a anti-war candidate then across the board rejection by both establishment war-parties?

Talk about reverse cognition. This is pure inversion politics. It’s all here. This is how the cookie crumbles. If you are two-party voting against war in this election, your vote is for Trump, because it absolutely cannot be for Hillary Clinton. She is pro-war, and that’s a fact she doesn’t even deny.


Sugarhill Medina

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