Political Correctness: From Liberal Racism to The Sociopath’s Playground

Political Correctness: From Liberal Racism to The Sociopath’s Playground

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This entry originally began, and remains loosely framed, as a letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders after he sent me an appeal for money for NC Senate Candidate Deborah Ross. The original post title was, “Reply to Bernie Sanders’ Appeal for NC Candidate Deborah Ross.” It has since been renamed.

Mr. Sanders:

While I agree with liberals on nearly all issues, my initial research into this candidate indicates that she is committed to creating a culture of fear for men who do not apologize for their gender. I have personally known several men who have been falsely accused of these types of crimes by liberal accusers who exploit the sociopathic notion that it does not matter a white male’s innocence or guilt in any specific case: white males as a class are guilty, so any incidence of false accusation is simply justice being served against a race and gender deemed less deserving of human rights in contemporary American society.

I see Deborah Ross as someone who is committed to fostering the type of political environment in which this ideology thrives, or at the very least, she shows no indication of addressing this grave wrong in our society.

Her brand of liberalism cultivates the type of atmosphere I refer to as ‘liberal fundamentalism’ that has grown out of political correctness. The ideological takeover of identity politics

Political correctness was originally launched to sooth the guilt-wound of what was originally the mostly white elite, or at least people who thought of themselves as privileged. To be sure, these over-educated fools believed they had a corner on ‘elitism,’ with all its nobleness-oblige responsibilities. Their own myopic American exceptionalism rendered the foreign university student, who also might happen to be the billionaire child of a sweat-shop plutocrat from Indonesia, a desperate charity case, in need of their white power blessing. All of this suffering being based upon their skin color. (I wonder if the last 20 years of globalism has expanded these professors idea of who, exactly, is an elite?)

These original adopters were the ex-hippie ‘Reagan Democrats’ who betrayed the poor and fled to the suburbs. Now they’ve created something that’s final goal is to essentially purge PC’s makers. What started as a novel 1990s concept of hand-me-down empowerment to people with less bland skin colors has morphed into a psychologically warped projection by the elites that bestows upon all women and all minorities the values of integrity, virtue and truth, regardless of the merit of the individual.

To be crass: When humans are granted a get out of jail free card based on having a vagina or skin pigment, we are are rolling out the red carpet for sociopaths who have no regard for law or society.

Political correctness empowerment is still handed down from academic and political elites to people they still regard as beneath them, people they still believe are in desperate need of the assistance only their elite power can wield. Those who continue to develop PC ideology grant the ‘lowers’ ’empowerment’ from the same sexist and racist regime. But now, the ideology has evolved into a more convoluted, and socially twisted, version of the political correctness originally espoused.

It started in 1991 with, “Let’s hear from people who are the MOST not male and the MOST not white first. If no one speaks, and we have to hear from a white male, ok fine.” In 2016, the end game (let’s hope to God) goes, “Whatever we hear from the person the PC Power Authority deems the most oppressed holds the most credibility, is automatically the truth. What we hear from the white male is always and automatically a lie.”

The 2016 scenario needs a name, a name like: The Sociopath’s Playground.

Of course, the ‘power to bestow’ these dictates remains in the hands of the elite. And by bestowing this sexist and racist virtue upon the ‘other,’ they have thus created a reverse paradigm in which the inverse is true for males who are white: The race of white and the gender of male are now the default profile of the social perpetrator, regardless of the facts of the situation, or the individual involved.

The liberal elite have not only extended the reach of their own sexism and racism using the tool of political correctness; they have attacked the human rights of white males who are being used by the elite as punching bags. The political and intellectual classes are gaining tremendous amounts of uncheck social power and are exercising political persecution over dissenters who believe in free speech, including white males in business, academic and government institutions.

By pinning the negative characteristics of power, domination, lack of integrity on white men, the elite are enabling their own rise and doing so under cover. If all power and domination is ascribed to white males, these academic elites would appear to be self-effacing, given the preponderance of white males in leadership positions in all US institutions.

But it is also these white males who are being silenced and trampled on.

I cannot support the demonization of human beings in our society based on race and gender, including all races and all genders. As someone who is both male and white, and who also happens to believe in the equality and rights of all people, I will never support any candidate I believe permits this culture of hate to grow. I cannot live in a society in which justice is reserved only for parties politically correct society deems worthy of having a legitimate grievance in the first place.

This type of social fundamentalism by the left supports an atmosphere that allows the presumption of guilt against any white male regardless of the facts of any case. This is extreme prejudice based on race and gender that destroys lives of innocent US citizens daily, independent of any court decision, if a court is involved at all. With all of its problems, the US legal system is the very beacon of enlightenment compared to the hidden ideological machinations lurking underneath this sublegal modern day witch hunt.

Because I believe the liberal class, and specifically this candidate, supports this growing regime of political persecution, I will oppose this candidate. I will never support any fundamentalism or it’s spread into society by any political agency: liberal or conservative.

Sadly, the left has embraced this type of fundamentalism wholeheartedly and, it seems, without self-reflection (is there such a thing on the left?), which means candidates like Deborah Ross, whom I probably agree on 95% of issues, will never have my support based on her enabling an ideology that has hijacked the left.

I know this issue is not first and foremost on your agenda. You probably don’t even agree with me, but what I write is true. Good people are being destroyed in our country because hatred and destruction of innocent white males has become institutionally accepted behavior. Free speech is being muffled. Self-censorship is real. These are the signs of a society living in fear and persecution.

The left has successfully crafted an atmosphere of political fundamentalism, and I will fight it every step of the way.


Sugarhill Medina

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