This Is About Progress (and the people who can’t stop themselves from stopping it)

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For years, I have witnessed from the sidelines the absolute failure of the left to successfully convert a significant bloc of people not already aligned. This website is dedicated to deconstructing the insulated thinking that allows liberals to simultaneously own the idea of ‘progressive’ and destroy it by converting it into a rarified possession of the political class. Intentionally, or more likely unintentionally, the liberal class has crafted a notion of ‘progress’ that is perfectly out of reach of the ‘Lowers,’ or ‘Deplorables,’ as Hillary has calls them, the abandoned working class the right-wing has picked up since ‘Reagan Democrats’ moved to the suburbs.

I have created this blog to finally enter the fray. Liberals no longer deserve the title of standard-bearer of progress in a society they have left behind. Neither does fascism. Something has to give, something has to fall. As it falls it will cause pain. Welcome to Pain Fall.

In the past, I have appealed to the narcissistic boomer gatekeepers of the Democratic party, pundit class, and media outlets for a modicum of strategy or insight in effectively messaging to the ‘Lowers.’ After over a decade, I have come to the conclusion speaking plainly about political strategy to Boomer Democrat Liberal 20% Educated Meritocracy Creative Class Elites, is the definition of an exercise in futility. The group delusion begins and ends with the belief that being most ‘meritus,’ ‘educated,’ and ‘correct,’ grants the Class a Pass from doing the necessary work, in the media environment we live in, to convince humans outside the Class to vote for progressive policies.

Wishful thinking is the de facto retreat of a group that has abandon those it claims to represent. Instead, this comfortable class trades in ‘shoulds.’ Living inside the self-aggrandizing architecture of ‘correctness’ is nothing more than a collective dodge of political accountability for an educated class making excuses for lazy thinking and a political performance 30 years in the failing.

Beginning every sentence to would-be converts with “You are a moron” means your ‘strategy’ for ‘winning hearts and minds’ begins with an ad hominem attack. How this ‘strategy’ of political persuasion has become the orthodoxy of entire class of intellectuals, politicians, strategists, and pundits is a study in psychology, not politics.

Most recently Hillary Clinton provided, in a single sentence, the Trump campaign with the single greatest slogan of his campaign. Presumably, she did this unintentionally, yet she couldn’t have crafted a better get out the vote strategy for Trump’s class-warfare success if he had paid $100 million for it. From the class that claims intelligence, comes a ‘strategy’ crafted from pure political ignorance, a massive group delusion rooted at the top echelons of the Empire.

Unfortunately for the Republic, the Boomer political class on the left serves entirely at the mercy of its own full-blown narcissism. As a result, the elite can’t compromise their power (no Bernies allowed), or transcend the myopic web of their own endless political blind-spots. Contemporary US liberal politics has positioned fascism perfectly as the dominant rising force of the lower classes, as it is not riddled with countless overt hypocrisies. It is the absolute vanity of the ruling elite that raises all fascist boats. While Rome burns, the clothes of the liberal ruling class keep coming off.

As Martin Longman has pointed out in his recent essay, You Break It, You Own It:

“People inside the Beltway do not understand that virtually Trump’s entire appeal is based on their lack of credibility. And they don’t realize that they earned this lack of trust and deference.”

I consider myself progressive. I also believe “That Which Blocks Your Task, Is Your Task.” Progressive ideas cannot be effectively mandated when liberals shove directives down the throats of a population they mock. That’s not progress, that’s moving faster into a pit, as Lionel Shriver put it in his recent article on the spread of liberal fundamentalism.

This blog is dedicated to doing whatever I can to stop the forward “progress” the vanguard of the liberal political class is digging for all of us. In society, progress is necessary for evolution. This website is dedicated to destroying that which blocks the path of progress.

I’m looking forward to this. Thanks for reading.


Sugarhill Medina

NEW! Banned on October 24 by Mother Jones! Welcome to Inverse Analysis by Sugarhill Medina. Inverse analysis begins with conventional wisdom, assumes the opposite is true, and then uses logic to eliminate the parts of the inversion that are not true. What remains can sometimes approximate what is true and be used to guide future actions. I have been subjected to vicious personal attacks for my ideas (ad-hominem attacks being on of the great logical fallacies), therefore this site operates like Zero Hedge: All names are pseudonymous. External specs: Penis equipped white skin human living in United States. Fourteen years in major liberal cities. Child of liberal intelligentsia. I grew up reading comics in the New Yorker until I started reading the articles as a teenager. From a long lineage of liberals.

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